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Most Recent Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone

Most Recent Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone

Apple recently showed their upcoming iOS 10 operating system in WWDC 2016 event. The edition is expected to be available in the last quarter of this year and the upcoming iPhone model may have this operating system. Currently the latest jailbreak tools are available for iOS 9.1. Here we are discussing some new jailbreak tweaks for iPhone users. However before we discuss further details it is important to inform you that jailbreaking the iOS gadget will remove all the facilities of warranty. There are so many people who do not take the guidance of specialists before doing this process. Therefore many times they have to bear losses. Here are some new jailbreak tweaks.

BioLockdown: – This tweak can be handy to keep the data of your app secure under different conditions. We all know how important it is to keep the financial data safe. BioLockdown will not allow unwanted users to check your apps. You need not have to worry about the security of apps if you are using BioLockdown on your iPhone.

PokePatch: – Pokemon Go is taking the internal world by storm. There are some users who are not able to play this game on their iOS gadget. The official version is not supporting jailbroken gadgets. However if you are using a PokePatch jailbreak tweak then you can easily manage the condition. It will bypass the test of Pokemon Go and the game can run on your iPhone without any difficulty.

Nowability: – This app is for those who are looking to utilize all the space available on screen. Keep the music control and notification centre handy with the help of Nowability. The price of this app is $1.99 only.

Decorus: – This is another latest jailbreak tweak for your iPhone. The tweak has the capability to offer modular control experience to the users.  It is motivated from iOS 10 and it can offer you the newest experience on your iOS 9 gadget without any difficulty. The price of the app is $0.99 only. So check this platform and see how it can offer you the newest experience right now.

BytaFont 3:- This tweak is also highly useful for customizing the theme with ease. Change the fonts according to the requirements and manage visual settings any time.

So these are some new jailbreak tweaks for your iPhone. Jailbreak world is working regularly to offer new things. We will bring you many more important tweaks in coming times.

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