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World Emoji Day celebrated by millions on the web

On iOS, Apple operating system for iPhones and iPads, calendar emoji and monthly calendar shows the July 17 on the calendar icon. World Emoji Day is a current trend on the internet right from Thursday, people started to celebrate the day with their friends and also with everyone from celebrities to companies.world-emoji-day

What’s Special about the World emoji day?

Twitter is launched in the year of 2006, on July 15, and in the meanwhile Apple iCal program was unveiled on July 17, 2002 at Macworld Expo. Also, Miracle Grow did a virtual garden on the first day of spring, and had a great engagement with their customer #springmoji.

The world emoji day website encourages all and those who were not using Apple products, to enjoy the world emoji day by tweeting using a hashtag #WorldEmojiDay. And also, people can see the popularity of their favorite emoji, and this helps them to find out how their favorite emoji stands among other emoji.

Emojipedia, the world’s top in-class online resource for emoji, went along with Apple side by interpreting Apple’s calendar, and announces July 17 as the World Emoji day. In the meanwhile, Spredfast has made a live Leaderboard to track the performance of top 25 emoji on Twitter, also Pepsi is releasing emoji themed bottles for their products.

Nowadays, most of us were misusing the emojis without knowing the appropriate meaning of them, in order to make them proper one, Unicode started the job of standardizing emojis, and also made some changes to avoid confusions in different platforms. The emojis will be regulated by a group of people called as The Unicode Consortium, which creates an infrastructure that can be operated from various platforms. From the approved emojis, the phone manufacturers should pick what they can offer to their device users.

Emojipedia will keep track of all the changes that are made by the Unicode Consortium, and stay tuned with MC Today to know more about Tech updates.

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