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T-Mobile Starts Offering Free Data to Pokemon Go Players

T-Mobile Starts Offering Free Data to Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon GO has become a big hit throughout the world. T-Mobile understood the facts early and they have decided to offer free data to Pokemon GO players. Company has decided to help customers save their money on data charges as they brought a special plan for their customers. T-Mobile will start offering free data from next Tuesday and it is certainly going to be very exciting for Pokemon GO lovers. Users can now save their money by taking this plan which can be extremely valuable for them to play the game for long hours.

The duration of this offer is one year. This means that you can get free data for one year which will be very exciting for Pokemon GO Players. They now need not have to think about data while playing this game. This wireless carrier will also start the partnership with Lyft. It will be assist to get free rides on July 17th which can be valuable for many people. The overall plan is not only going to be useful for individuals but family members also. Therefore customers can now enjoy one complete year without any additional charge.

T-Mobile users know that company offers a special Tuesday rewards program. This offer of free data for Pokemon Go players is going to be the part of it. It will be available for free through special rewards app for few weeks. Customers who redeem the offer need not have to pay for the data to play this game. There are some other promotional schemes also which can be useful for T-Mobile customers. Company is planning to select 250 customers to win $100 in PokeCoins. Furthermore there are going to be five lucky winners who can win a trip of two people to visit any place in the USA.

It is not a very long time when Pokemon Go arrived into the market. The game arrived a few days ago in iOS and Android in certain parts of the world. However it took very less time to become a hit. This creature collecting game is appearing different from many other alternatives. So if you are a T-Mobile customer then you need not have to worry about your data plans. You can just wait for Tuesday to play this game without worrying about the internet charges. The game is catchy and you can now enjoy it through T-Mobile.

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