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iPhone 7 May Have 1960 mAh Battery

iPhone 7 May Have 1960 mAh Battery

The release date of iPhone 7 is approaching very fast. We are regularly getting some leaked details about this model with you from some time. This upcoming model is expected to be 1 mm. thinner than the current edition of iPhone. However it does not mean that company is compromising on some sections to provide a thin gadget. Now a latest report is claiming that the next iPhone by Apple may have a 1960 mAh battery.

It is not the official information but a leaked report. You may already know that battery power of iPhone is always a point of discussion. The reality is that many questions have been raised before about the capacity of battery. This time Apple is looking not to give any chance to the market to raise any type of concerns. It can be the main reason for which Apple is planning to enhance the power of the gadget without compromising with the quality of the gadget. Currently iPhone6S has 1715 mAh battery. Therefore if Apple increases the capacity then most of the users will surely like it. The interesting point is that Apple may enhance the power of battery even after reducing the thickness of the gadget. Superb. Isn’t it?

Now currently we cannot say how much it will affect the overall performance. A number of other factors have to be considered here. Apple may change some of their components in upcoming model. Therefore we still have to check how the battery will perform under new conditions. Experts have the view that iPhone 7 may have 14% more battery power but it has not been confirmed by any specialist at this point of time. This may be supportive for many people if Apple is increasing the power in this way.

Apple will definitely change the processor this time also. Therefore we may see A10 processor this time. This processor may require more battery power due to its additional functions. Therefore company is looking to add more power to the device because of this reason. There are no reports about iPhone 7 Plus battery so far. The base model of iPhone 7 can be of 32GB which may cost around $794 only. Moreover 64GB and 256GB editions can be close to $913 and $1063 only.  Resolutions of upcoming gadget are expected to be much better this time. Moreover company may also include high-quality 3D Touch support here.

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