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Microsoft Launches Surface-as-a-Service

Microsoft Launches Surface-as-a-Service

Now SaaS is not just Software-as-a-Service as Microsoft took a big step to increase the footprints of their Surface brand. Microsoft is now ambitious to make Surface as an integral part of enterprise and corporate world as it will allow different businesses to lease surface gadgets. Company is also planning to offer Windows 10 and Office 365 with the package to make the whole deal interesting to the corporate world. Surface is appearing to be a good brand for Microsoft as currently it is helping to generate sufficient revenues as per the expectations.

The new deal Surface-as-a-Service will help users to get the latest hardware along with some programs beneficial for the businesses. Now the partners of Microsoft would be able to offer deals as per the agreement. Cloud Solution Providers of Microsoft will not remain just the Surface Authorized Distributors. They can now offer Surface gadget deals with the help of a properly organized service. These providers can now do the business with customers as well as resellers. So it is very clear that Microsoft has big plans to push their Surface brand into the market. The way of working with cloud services will not change in this case. You will also get the software as per the license agreement.

Microsoft is making some changes in Surface Multi-National Purchasing Program also. It will permit retailers to deal with enterprise customers more easily than the current model. Company is regularly looking for new partners who can be useful for them to enhance the overall sales of Surface brand. Currently Zones, Insight, CDW, and SHI can deal with other multi-national companies to expand the market of Surface Hardware. The plans of working with enterprise vendors will assist Microsoft to enter new areas. They already have a partnership with Dell. Now they have included more partners like Booz Allen Hamilton and IBM which will assist the makers to improve their customer base.

The new two new partners have their own ways of doing the business. IBM is looking to utilize the partnership benefits in consumer packaged goods sector. They will also work in financial sector. Booz Allen Hamilton will primarily utilize the capabilities in healthcare, public sector as well as many other government services. These partnerships can surely become fruitful in coming times. Surface-as-a-Service will help Microsoft to show their real power in hardware sector. They are already a leader of Software world. However these new deals can assist them to place themselves as a market giant in hardware also.

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