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iPhone 8 can have OLED Display

iPhone 8 can have OLED Display

We still have to see the official details of iPhone 7 and the details of iPhone 8 have already started leaking out. The chances of changing the design of iPhone 7 are very less. However it may not remain the same with iPhone 8. Next year company is going to celebrate ten years of iPhone brand. This could be the year when company may change iPhone. Some new functions will be added and most probably overall design will also be changed this time.

The iPhone model of 2017 will most probably be called as iPhone 8 and it can have OLED display. There will no edges in next model which may make the gadget different from the current models. There are chances that company may remove fingerprint sensor in this model. Moreover there may not be any physical home button in this model. Some reports are suggesting that the display of the model will be different from the current gadget. It may include the features of fingerprint sensor and physical home button in a unique way.

Many specialists are interested to know about the patents acquired by Apple some time ago. Now based on this research they are saying that Apple is planning to show an all-glass model next year. It can be an iPhone with curved glass which will look astonishing in comparison to any other model. This will be interesting to see how Apple will manage the strength of the gadget. Some people have complained before that their models bent under certain conditions. So if the model is going to be an all-glass gadget then the strength of this gadget will be the first thing on which Apple will pay attention.

Many experts are saying that this type of design will increase the cost of production. Therefore it may further increase the price of the gadget. Samsung is already planning to bring edgeless display in next ‘Note’ model. They are offering the same with ‘S’ series model. However the edgeless display may enhance the overall cost. Therefore it will not be an easy task for Apple to offer the gadget with a price suitable for many people. There are no details available right now. We still have to see if these are just the rumours or not. There is no doubt that Apple will like offering something special on their tenth anniversary.

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