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Apple iPhone 7 May Not Have 16GB Model

Apple iPhone 7 May Not Have 16GB Model

Many iPhone lovers across the globe are eager to know everything about the upcoming iPhone model. The release date is still not clear but a lot of talks are going on for this model. We are regularly bringing you the updates for same. Now a latest rumour is giving a clue that Apple is planning to ditch 16GB model from iPhone 7. The minimum storage capacity is expected to be 32GB this time. This can be a very major change because Apple is offering 16GB entry models from a long time. People are expecting the same at present. However we may see some changes in coming times.

Many customers were complaining that 16GB memory is not sufficient enough as it becomes hard to store important contents. It seems Apple is paying attention towards this point. Nowadays the way of using internet is very different compared to the time when Apple brought the first iPhone model. Therefore it can be the prime reasons for which makers have decided to keep 32GB as the base model. Moreover 4K videos generally require more memory. Therefore 32GB will be much better than 16GB base model. There will be no change in 64GB and 128GB models.

There can be many notable features in iPhone 7 which will make the gadget different from its predecessor. Experts have the view that Apple is planning to remove headphone jack this time. It can be replaced with a new accessory. The gadget can also water-resistant feature. This upcoming model will be slimmer than the current edition. Company will definitely like enhancing the power of this gadget. You may get new entertainment features. Furthermore new tools are expected to be available which may assist enhancing the productivity of your work. New functions may require more memory. Therefore it makes sense to keep 32GB as base model.

Some experts are saying that Apple is planning to bring three new iPhone models this year. These are iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Pro. The availability of additional functions may differentiate these models. The bigger edition may have the characteristics like dual-camera setup. It can also have a Smart Connector. It is almost certain that Apple will include a new processor this time. It will be highly interesting to see how A10 SoC will perform this time. The gadget is expected to arrive by the end of this year.

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