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Huawei Honor 8 Again Leaked Online

Huawei Honor 8 Again Leaked Online

Huawei is continuously bringing models into the market. Some of them didn’t get that much success before as per the expectations but ‘Honor’ made its own place and many people have liked it. Company is about to announce Huawei Honor 8. However before the official announcement, some details leaked online. Company is not saying anything about it. It is almost certain that makers will not say anything about this gadget till they bring it officially.

The front section is looking very similar to Huawei Honor V8 and the colour is appearing white. Company is planning to release this model on July 11th and customers may soon receive their models. These leaked details show that the specifications will be good enough to work with satisfaction. It may become a dependable model in coming times. Experts are saying that it can have a Kirin 950 processor and company may include 5.2 inch screen here. This smartphone can have a full HD display. People close to the industry are saying that it can have 3 TO 4GB RAM and it may come into three segments which will be differentiated on the basis of onboard storage capacities. The gadget can have 32GB, 64GB and 128GB internal capacity alternatives which appear valuable for many users. The capacities are excellent and you may be able to store a lot of data.

Camera is among the primary accessories which most of the people like to check before finalizing a model. This model can have 12MP of primary camera whereas secondary camera can be of 8MP. The smartphone can have 2900 mAh battery. Currently it is not clear how the model is going to perform with this capacity. The gadget may be based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. Company showed the teaser last month and it gave an impression that the smartphone can have dual-rear camera setup. Many people have the opinion that it may arrive in two colours. Black and White can be two options here. Weight of the gadget can be 153 grams and the dimensions can be 145.5*71*7.45mm. There is no information about the price at present. Specifications give an idea that Huawei Honor 8 may belong to the midrange category. Therefore if you have any plans to purchase a midrange gadget then make sure you check this model. Company may provide some deal at the time of release which can be valuable to save your money.

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