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A new kind of ‘horned’ dinosaur discovered by scientists

If you are a fan of ‘Jurassic World’ you will definitely be excited to know that a new dinosaur has been discovered by the scientists. It is considered among the oldest ones and it has been named as “Wendy’s horned-face”.horned-dinosaur-discovered

The research was published by the Cleveland Museum of Natural History’s Michael Ryan and Evans this week in PLOS ONE, the scientific journal. The dinosaur has got its name from professional photographer and Canadian fossil hunter Wendy Sloboda, who had firstly discovered homed creature’s fossils in Alberta. Owing to its number of horns and gnarly frill projections, it is considered to be the most horned dinosaur that is ever found. It continues the trend of being centraosaurine which gets a rough impression of Kosmoceratops, a chasmosaurine.

The site wherein the bones of dinosaur were found was discovered by Wendy Sloboda. It had horn ringlets and its neck was protected by a bony frill. In spite of all this the dinosaur proved to be a strict herbivore and didn’t seem feasting on other animals.

 The dinosaur is seen having a horn over the nose which is medium sized. It has believed that horned dinosaurs have longer frills or bigger horns that have a likelihood of attracting mates.  These locked horns can be used in combat between males for gaining access to females.

A few decades back, only 25 to 30 horned dinosaurs were known to the scientists. There is more variety when it comes to Chasmosaurus, Pentaceratops, Styracosaurus and Centrosaurus. Triceratops would continue to reign as the most essential horned dinosaur even though it is quite boring. Sloboda has locales in France, Greenland, Mongolia and Argentina. Overall, there were 200 bone pieces that were discovered. Scientists have thus concluded that the dinosaur was around 20 ft long and weighed approximately 1 ton.

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