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Latest Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone

Latest Jailbreak Tweaks for iPhone

Jailbreak world is always active and we see a number of tweaks coming every month. Some of them are very useful and they can be valuable to increase productivity. Here we are discussing some newest tweaks. Some of them can be beneficial for you. There is no doubt that we have different tweaks every month but only some of them are functional. There are various tweaks here and you can choose which can be supportive for you.

Chronofeed: – This tweak is for those who love posting images frequently through Instagram. Regular users of Instagram also know this thing that this platform now has a new way of showing the timeline. The tweak is useful for keeping all the data in a proper way in Instagram.

Tab in Background: – There is no doubt that we have to access many things frequently while completing a particular task through iPhone. This tweak is very beneficial for opening different tabs in Safari. It can stay at the background section that can be accessed comfortably while completing any particular task. So use it and complete your task with perfection.

NCApps: – This tweak can be highly beneficial for most of the people. If you frequently use a particular app then you can keep it in Notification Center pane. You can check it on the right section close to the notification. You can check the complete data without any difficulty. Moreover you can access Notification section from anywhere. Therefore the related app can stay there and you can access it at any point of time. The price is around $1 only and it can assist a user in many ways.

BootScreenCustomization: – Many people feel that standard iOS boot screen should have the gaze which should assist to get a new appearance. Are you among those users? Check this tweak if this is the case. You can change the colour which will give a new look. The tweak is available for free.

It is important to inform you that at present only iOS 9.1 jailbreak is available. Many experts are working to bring the jailbreak editions of higher iOS versions. Now it is not that much easy to get the jailbreak editions of iOS as Apple has changed the way to offer new software. Some tweaks undoubtedly help improving the tasks in many ways. We will bring you more jailbreak related details as soon as we get some authentic reports.

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