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Apple EarPods of iPhone 7 Leaked Online

Apple EarPods of iPhone 7 Leaked Online

You may have noticed that from last few days we are talking about iPhone 7. We have discussed how Apple is planning to offer next gadget with one more additional colour. We also talked about the probabilities of Apple ditching the 3.5 mm audio jack completely in next iPhone model. So now the question is what Apple is planning to offer if they are removing audio jack this time?

Some latest reports are hinting towards this point. Experts are saying that Apple may offer a new lightning port for audio this time which is expected to work much better than the present model. There are some images which say that Apple may offer new EarPods with lightning this time. This new EarPod is looking very similar to edition available with iPhone6S but there is one change in it. There is a special lightning connector this time which will make the device different from the edition available with iPhone6S. There is no detail available about the quality of sound but it is almost certain that Apple will not compromise with the quality in any section.  It sounds interesting. Isn’t it?

The quality will definitely be impressive but now there is a twist. If Apple is actually planning to offer lightning EarPod then what will happen to other 3.5 mm headphones as well as earphones? Well, we have to accept the fact that they will be of no use. The only way through which you would be able to make it useful is by adding a separate 3.5 mm jack adaptor. You may have to invest a more amount in that case but at least it will make the additional earphone valuable. Don’t you think so? You can also take the assistance of Bluetooth headphones here. Many specialists are saying that Apple may include a special speaker to the place where the audio jack is available at present.

The base storage of the next iPhone model is expected to be 32GB whereas the maximum internal storage may be 256GB. It is important to mention here that at present Apple has not confirmed anything about the upcoming model. These are just the rumours at present. Company may show the model in the month September and will be available this fall. The gadget can also have a special smart connector. Therefore in many cases the upcoming iPhone is expected to be different from the current model. We will discuss all the related points with you as soon as we get the details.

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