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LeMax 2 Now with 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Capacity

LeMax 2 Now with 6GB RAM and 128GB Internal Capacity

LeEco has pushed their boundaries and now they are getting ready to compete with some top makers into the market. Their models are now popular in many countries and it is among the prime reasons they have jumped into the section where only big makers think to enter at this point. LeEco has decided to offer some premium functions and the deal appears good to many customers. They recently brought Le Max 2 and now company is ready to offer this model in one more colour.

Currently Le Max 2 is available in Silver, Grey, and Rose Gold colour. Now company will offer the same model in Force Gold colour also. Le Max 2 now has a premium version with 6GB RAM and 128GB internal capacity. Therefore it is now very clear that the gadget will directly compete with some premium models of the market. The price of this gadget is close to $420 only and the sale has already been started for the same. This new model now has more internal storage capacity. Therefore if you are a heavy user then it  LeMax 2 can be a good choice.

LeEco is not interested to stay behind its competitors. They already know many makers like ZTE are offering gadgets with good internal space. Therefore they have paid attention to this point and made all the necessary changes to make the gadget successful. All the other specifications will remain same but high internal capacity will undoubtedly become very beneficial to a lot of users. Therefore now overall we have three editions of Le Max 2. The first edition has 4GB RAM and 32GB internal storage. Price of this model is $315 only. Second edition is loaded with 6GB RAM and 64 GB capacity. It costs around $375 only. The third edition is the model which we are discussing at present.

Therefore now you have more choices here with capacities exactly according to your requirement. Le Max 2 is now among the models that have maximum RAM. Therefore if you want maximum RAM in your device then do not forget to check this model. The sale is starting from China. Currently there are no details available about the international release. However it is expected to arrive in open market very soon in coming times.

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