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iPhone 7 May Have Force Touch Home Button

iPhone 7 May Have Force Touch Home Button

Apple may launch iPhone 7 in September. The launch date is approaching fast and so are the related rumours before the launch. Now a new leaked report is claiming that Apple is planning to include Force Touch home button. Therefore we may not see mechanical version of home button in next model as it may be replaced with the new solid state capacitive element. The functions of Force Touch Home Button are expected to be equivalent to Force Touch Trackpad available in new MacBook these days. The presence of haptic feedback may work very similar to a normal home button but you need not have to actually press the home button to check the functions.

A lot of talks are going on about the home button of iPhone 7 from some time. We have discussed the other day how Apple is planning to change some sections of the upcoming iPhone. You may remember we discussed about home button also. Now this new report is giving the clue that Apple is looking to make some changes in this section to get more positive feedbacks. A lot of users around the globe were expecting from Apple to enhance this part to make it more user-friendly. Now it seems that Apple has decided to make all the necessary changes.

Some specialists are saying that Apple is looking to remove home button completely in 2017. However it is tough to say with surety at present. If company is including Force Touch Home Button this year then the chances are high that it may be removed completely in coming times. It is like moving a step closer to removing the home button. There are reports that Apple is looking to make the next iPhone dust and water proof so that it becomes more user-friendly under diverse conditions. Some specialists raised a doubt that how the company is going to manage headphone jack if they are looking for a dust and water proof model. Now people close to the industry are saying that the upcoming model may not even have a headphone jack.

There are some conflicting reports at present. However we may get some more news about the same in coming days. One report is also there about the colour. Sources are indicating that iPhone 7 may be available in Space Black colour. However currently these are just the rumours at present. We will surely discuss some new reports as soon as we get all the related details.

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