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New seating design for flights proposed by Zodiac Aerospace

Zodiac Aerospace has proposed a very good airline seating design which has the aim of maximizing the number of passengers on one flight. The plan is to turn them around. In this patent that was filed by Zodiac Seats France, the popular industry supplier, this new designed which is named Economy Class Cabin Hexagon leads to flipping the middle seat for facing the 2 seats behind it. Thus, if this seating design could be incorporated on budget flights, airline commuters will face one another.zodiac-aerospace-economy-class-cabin

In the patent application, it has been claimed by the designers that the seats would be flipped around and a feature of the theater-like fold down would be added which would help in increasing the room space between seats by 15%. Each passenger would get 4 inches more leg room.

As per this document, it would also give passengers more shoulder space and comfort. This is a very good plan for making better use of floor space that is available in the cabin. Passengers would get more arm room and shoulder room says The Daily Telegraph’s Soo Kim.

These seats will be built with foldable tray tables and televisions and the design will have compliance with the industry standards with regards to aisle space. This situation is very familiar and now more and more airline companies are doing everything possible for fitting maximum number of people in the plane.

Thankfully, the concept of the company is just that and it hasn’t planned anything for incorporating the plan in commercial flights.  With this design idea around 80 extra passengers can be accommodated in the plan based on the current layout of seating. Whatever it is finalized, it should be in such a way that those having window seats must board first.

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