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Whatsapp to Improve Music Sharing Features and Emojis

Whatsapp to Improve Music Sharing Features and Emojis

Whatsapp is regularly adding new characteristics to their platform. We just discussed how this platform is going to add “mention” feature and group invite links. Now another report is emerging about two new features. There are some rumours which suggest that Whatsapp may add better emojis and they are going to add better music sharing features. This will certainly give better experience to a lot of users. These features may initial be available on iOS gadgets. However it is not known when they will arrive on Android.

The new music sharing features will not only help sharing music through local channels but it will also assist sharing it through Apple Music. There are so many other music channels also like Saavn and Spotify but currently it is not known if they Whatsapp is planning to offer support for them or not. The recipient of music file will receive a small play sign with the file through which he can play the music with ease. This is a big step by Whatsapp because it shows that they are ready to offer services beneficial for sharing different types of files.

There are reports that Whatsapp is also planning to offer some different types of emojis. These emojis are going to be bigger than the current edition. Many people are saying that it will be very similar to edition available in iOS 10. Therefore you will get many new things here. Whatsapp may start the services through Apple and later on they may move to Android and other platforms also. Some reports of GIF support is also emerging from few days now. Therefore specialists have no doubt that Whatsapp will remain the leader in this platform in coming years also. They are regularly adding features to it. Moreover they also know what users are expecting from them. They are working exactly according to it.

Currently we can say that Whatsapp currently has all the important features which are useful not only for the individuals but groups also. Professionals can share different types of files without any difficulty.  Moreover calling facility is also available which is highly useful for many people. One of the latest reports have claimed that currently more than 100 million voice calls are made on daily basis here. This data itself tells a lot about its popularity. So start checking album art in Whatsapp soon to check the songs here.

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