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Whatsapp to Add Mention Feature and Group Invites

Whatsapp to Add Mention Feature and Group Invites

This year Whatsapp has included a lot of features and they are still adding many new things. These new additions are improving many features regularly. Last time we discussed how Apple added message quotes and replies. Now they are going to add two new features and these are “mention” and group invites. So if a person is looking to get the attention of a particular person in a group then the new “mention feature will going to help. Moreover you would also be able to add a particular user to a group with group invite links.

These two features may take a few more weeks to arrive because at present they are just spotted in Beta Edition of Whatsapp for iOS. Currently the feature is in testing phase and may arrive only after checking all the related points. The upcoming “mention” feature may help the user to grab the attention of a particular user if the group is very large. Currently it is not easy to discuss a particular point with someone in a big group. Therefore once Whatsapp include “mention” feature it will be easy for everyone to discuss a particular point with any user. You use “@” in Twitter to address a particular user. So now a similar feature in Whatsapp will make it very useful.

Currently the way of utilizing these characteristics are not clear. However it is almost certain that these two features are going to arrive in future. It is not known at present if the person to whom the message is addressed will receive a special message or if there is going to be any other way. But we can say that it will undoubtedly help to send a particular message in a group. Therefore now it is going to be very easy for you in coming times to send any special message. The feature will arrive in all the platforms but the exact release date is not clear.

Now it seems that the admin of a particular group may have to work more. There can be individual messages many times and he has to manage some new things also. Moreover admin may have to check if he has all the required contacts or not to manage the group effectively. Group chat and Group invites are certainly going to be very useful to manage a particular team. We still have some time to see how these functions are going to assist users in future.

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