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Apple iPhone 6s/7 rumors: Force Touch, production of 90mn devices and screen size

As Apple Inc.’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) next generation iPhone’s launch nears, there are many rumors and leaked information surfaced online related to the company’s flagship phone. Many believe that Apple will be naming the next phone as iPhone 7, but it is likely to be called as iPhone 6s as the next-gen device will be having nothing more than feature tweaks than size and design.iphone-7-concept-phone

According to the recent report by Wall Street Journal, Apple Inc. is preparing for its largest ever iPhone production – 85 to 90 million devices by this year end. The report claims that the company has already asked the manufacturers to produce around 90 million iPhones, including two models – 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhones.

In 2014, Apple asked its manufacturers to produce 70 to 80 million iPhones, including iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This time, Apple is also said to be launching a new color – Rose Gold.

Apple iPhone 6s (maybe iPhone 7) will be coming with ‘Force Touch’ feature similar to that of Apple Watch, where the entire display screen will act as a button to launch new options in the screen. Force Touch sensors within the display recognizes the way the user uses his fingers to touch the screen with varied force. For example, a long press on the screen will launch an option in the display, while a strong push could launch another option.

Apple’s Force Touch feature has also been included in latest MacBooks. This feature lets users adjust the strength of their screen taps to launch various functions on screen. According to experts, Apple Inc. is desperately trying to keep iPhones a step ahead of its competitions such as Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge with a side-view display.

Last month, a Bloomberg report revealed that the initial production of next-gen iPhones has already begun. This year also, Foxconn Group will be having the majority of iPhone orders. Foxconn has to rely on iPhone productions as the global PC sales have affected the company so far. Taiwan-based Wistron Corporation is also said to be producing the devices for Apple Inc..

Few other next-gen iPhone details include increased 4G speed, improved NFC chip and obviously a faster processor and RAM. Rumors also suggest that Apple will be using the flash storage from Toshiba, where the entry level iPhone had 16GB storage on prototype devices. It might be for testing purposes, Apple may include a 32 GB version for an entry level one to boost up its revenue.

As these are rumors, Apple fans should take it with a pinch of salt. Stay tuned for more updates on Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 6s.

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