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Huawei Matebook to Arrive in The USA Next Month


Huawei Matebook to Arrive in USA Next Month

Remember we discussed about Huawei Matebook a few months ago? We told you how Microsoft Surface may get a competitor in coming times. Now Huawei has decided to implement their plans and they are ready to bring Huawei Matebook in The USA. The gadget will be available through Microsoft Store and it will also be available through Amazon very soon. Huawei first showed this model in MWC 2016 event. There is no doubt that company’s main target is to provide more options similar to Microsoft Surface. The specifications and appearance of Huawei Matebook are catchy. The powerful specifications will definitely help Huawei to enter into the new market.

The sale of this gadget will start from July 11th and company has started taking pre-orders for the same. It will have a competitive price-tag as the starting cost is $699 only. This convertible gadget will have 12 inch screen and you would be able to use Intel Core M-series processor. There are a number of alternatives available under this brand as specifications and price will vary according to the model. The base model will have 4GB RAM and Intel Core M3 processor. This 2-in-1 device will have 128GB storage capacity. You can include detachable keyboard cover here. The price is $129 only. Ethernet and many other important components are also present here to get a real high-class experience.

The best thing about this model is that you can purchase accessories exactly according to your need. Different types of accessories include added features which can be very supportive as per the requirement. Weight of the machine is around 1.4 pounds and it has 2160*1440 pixel display. Many features like dual microphone, Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and latest Wi-Fi make it a useful model. There is no doubt that this model can be economical than Microsoft Surface. Therefore if you are looking for a good 2-in-1 gadget then you can definitely consider Huawei Matebook.

Ram and storage capacity can go up to 8GB and 512GB respectively. Processor will be more influential in its premium category. It will also have USB Type-C port and VGA port. You can turn the model easily to a laptop by adding accessories. However you have to purchase it separately. Overall it is going to be a good model. You would be able to utilize best features of laptops as well as tablet in a single device.

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