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Everything about iOS 10

Everything about iOS 10

Last time we discussed about iOS 9.3 update. We told you how this update was related to minor bug fixes and a few security features. You may remember we told you how Apple was planning for iOS 10 and it was the reason company was not bringing anything new with iOS 9.3 update. So now it is official. Apple announced iOS 10 recently and the new operating system has some additional features. These new features can add additional functions to iOS gadget. Moreover it is available for free. Here are the complete details of this new operating system.

If we discuss the point in technical words then iOS 10 has been released by the company. This is good news for the market. However it is vital to remind you that currently the new operating system is available for developers only. Therefore if you are developer with keen interest in changing the app world then iOS 10 is for you. It is not available for normal iPhone and iPad users who have nothing to do with app development and other testing functions. Public Beta will be available next month and by the end of this year it will be available for all the users. So one thing is certain that iOS 10 is arriving with lots of new features this year. However it may take a few more months to come into the market equipped with all the new functions without any glitches.

Now if we talk about the functions then it will definitely have many new things. This is the first time that users will get a special swipe up feature from the bottom control center. Market was expecting this feature from a long time but now finally it arrived with the new iOS this time. The bottom section will have short cuts to access some apps which are going to be very useful for a number of iPhone users. Recently Apple also revealed that if you do not require some built-in iOS apps then you can certainly remove it from your home screen. This is frankly a big relief for a lot of users.

The 3D Touch on control center will help you to utilize the complete power of many other functions. There is a special Magnifier feature here. This function has the capability of turning the iPhone to a magnifying glass. It will permit you to utilize camera as a tool to magnify things. Isn’t it exciting? The new display of lock screen will assist you to check the contents more comfortably than before. Moreover managing photos and other contents will be much easier this time. Apple has also opened Siri for developers. This is one of the biggest steps this time. So these and many other new functions will be available after a few months for everyone. We will inform you more about it as soon as Apple brings the update for all the users.

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