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Smartphone Room Key App: A Great Change in Hotel & Resorts

Smartphone Room Key App

Technologists are developing a new system for hotel, basically to enter into the hotel rooms. There are huge numbers of claims that customers frequently face numerous troubles with their keys. Most of the times, hotels don’t serve many keys for every members of a family who are living in a single room.
However, it is very amazing news that people will be capable soon to use their Smartphone to open the door of their hotel rooms. Developers are working on it to make this Smartphone room key app secure.

If you have a Smartphone, it is really surprising that you don’t need to stop and discuss with the representatives of the front desk. Few hotels are going to take amazing step to send the digital room keys via Smartphone room key app to the customer’s phones. They are avoiding old plastic cards that can be lost any time.

According to CNN, Starwood Hotels & Resorts who maintain more than 1,150 hotels all over the world will start this system within next three months. They will begin this project as experiment in their Aloft hotel, situated in Cupertino, California and New York.

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Starwood Hotels & Resorts also added that the system will gradually run in all of their other hotels and resorts. The app will be used in all the recent iPhone including 4S and newer versions. This Smartphone room key app is also friendly to all the newer android phones. Bluetooth technology will be applied to open the room using a tap.

Starwood is familiar for its innovative tech team who manage the hotels with many new inventions. If the hotel runs this system it will introduce with a new system to unlock the door. Guests will enjoy a trouble free journey and obviously securely.

No doubt, very soon (within this year or, next), people will enjoy trouble free journey without key cards. The door will be unlocked automatically; you don’t have to provide extra efforts. You only need to install an essential app which can make communication with hotel administration via Bluetooth system 4.0. The Bluetooth 4.0 is available in all the latest Apple devices and all the latest and updated Android devices.

The administration of hotels will supply the virtual key codes via Smartphone room key app to the guests which assist them to unlock their doors by tapping on their gadgets. Similar type of technology is also used in Walt Disney World; guest’s wristband performs as ticket as well as their wallet.
How this technology can change the experience of guests? People never like any trouble; they always look for the easy ways to book rooms and open the room’s door.

Sometimes 2 or 3 members (family) book only a room. Member of the room individually can leave the room and enter into the room. Hotel generally provide single key for each room, not for everyone. After running this system, hotel and guests will be free from previous traditional system.
There is a chain system to book room and collect keys, but using Smartphone room key app guests can get their keys without meeting with the representatives. What an amazing, trouble free change waiting for us!

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