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LeEco Working on a New Flagship Model

LeEco Working on a New Flagship Model

Smartphone is the industry where we constantly see changes within a short span of time. Here we see different makers bringing models belong to various categories. Therefore you will find model of your choice with ease. LeEco is now doing the same.  They have brought some midrange gadgets into the market and they became famous within a short span of time. Makers tasted success which encouraged them to push t heir limits. Now according to some reports Le Eco is working on a new model. It may be a flagship model loaded with some high-quality features. Here we are discussing about some characteristics of this upcoming gadget.

People close to the industry are saying that this upcoming model by Lecco will be based on Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor. One of the best things about this gadget is that it will have 8GB RAM. Now it is way ahead from many other competitors. These days many companies favour bringing gadgets with high capacity RAM. This helps a lot to get the smooth running of various features. Currently LeEco has Le Max 2 which has 6GB RAM. Users of this model know how big it is and we may soon get information about a new model in coming times. The gadget with 8GB RAM may set a new trend in smarthone industry.

Some Chinese companies are proving to be a big challenge for established smartphone makers. LeEco is among one of them. Most of the users are praising their gadgets. There are no concrete details available about the camera of this upcoming model. However many people are primary camera could be around 25MP. It can also have a fingerprint scanner. We are just at the early stage at present. Therefore it is tough on comment on the capacity of microSD card, design, battery power and display.

Le Eco knows it very well that Xiaomi, ASUS and some other Chinese models are eager to offer models with high capacities. Therefore they are  looking to bring higher capacity gadgets before anyone. The time is not very far when we will see more models by LeEco as well as others who may bring smartphone with 8GB RAM. Many among us have seen the era when an 8 or 10 core processor in PC was a big thing. Now you already know a lot about current configurations. LeEco is starting a new trend in smartphone industry and many will surely follow it in coming times.

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