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iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 May Arrive in September

iPhone 7 and Apple Watch 2 May Arrive in September

Some reports from Taiwan are claiming that Apple has increased the total number of orders of many parts of Apple Watch 2 and most probably company may start shipping it from the third quarter of this year. If you notice then it is going to be around the same time when Apple is planning to bring iPhone 7. This time Apple has some special plans for their Watch 2 as they want to increase their sales in comparison to last time. So they do not mind bringing the model along with iPhone 7. They may promote both the gadgets together to get the required figures.

People close to the industry are saying that Apple was not happy with the total sales figure of the first watch. They even provided the discount of $100 to push the model into the market. It is the reason that they may launch the second model aggressively and they may start shipping it in between July and September. Currently some leaked details are saying that Apple will organize a special event in September. Now after this month we may not see any big event by the company this year. So the chances are high that Apple Watch 2 may arrive with iPhone 7. Moreover company recently launched the next edition of Watch OS. Therefore they will surely like to bring the next model of watch as soon as possible.

Experts have an opinion that the new edition of Watch OS will work brilliantly with the upcoming model. The enhanced performance and availability of many new functions may make a good deal for customers in coming times. Many specialists are saying that Apple is targeting minimum 2 million customers for their watch at the beginning. Therefore most probably company may announce some good offers for their customers which may help to boost their sales.

Market is expecting that Apple may further enhance the features of Apple Watch 2 so that they can create their space in the market. The starting figure of two million units clearly shows how aggressive they may go this time. The specifications and appearance will definitely be improved this time. These are the sections which almost all the customers check before purchasing the unit. They may not change the basic design but overall it may attract a lot of people in coming times.

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