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A migrant dies in the Channel Tunnel, after trying to get into UK-bound train

On Tuesday, a migrant who was desperate to reach Britain found dead in the Channel Tunnel, according to authorities in northern France. This news shows how desperate the migrants are to reach Britain.channel-tunnel-accident

Following the incident, one of the six sections of the Channel tunnel was closed for investigations that made Eurostar passenger trains and Vehicle shuttle services to be halted for a few hours. The reason for the death, or the incident, hasn’t been revealed yet.

Local authorities in the Pas-de-Calais region, said in a statement:

“Following the discovery of migrants on a freight shuttle, early this morning, the shuttle was immediately stopped. During an investigation by border police, a deceased migrant was found in the tunnel.

According to Channel Tunnel operators, traffic was halted for a few minutes for investigation purpose, but the incident caused approximately 3 hours for vehicle shuttle services to resume from the Britain side. Similarly, vehicle shuttle services coming from the France side delayed around an hour. Eurostar trains were also delayed due to the incident.

Migrant problems are not new in this area, as hundreds of migrants are camping around the port in the northern city of Calais. These migrants use ferries, lorries and the local Channel Tunnel to cross the border without the authority’s notice. There were many incidents, where some migrants even took extreme steps to cross the border, such as swimming across the Channel, smuggling themselves into Britain in scariest ways.

Recently, in a similar incident, an Ethiopian migrant, who tried to get onto a train, died near the tunnel.

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