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Candy Racer for Android – Game review

Candy Racer for Android – Game review

Are you fan of Racing Game and want to try something different then candy racer would be the best choice for you. Candy racer seems to be a childish game at the first look but it make a great difference when you try it. There are 30levels and 2 New exciting World there are lots of loops and high jumps that make the game play exciting. The Game play looks simple, you have a car that you have to drive to the end point earning the stars. Developer has intelligently tried to make it look different with candy and chocolate theme, there are lots of loops, jumps, hills and drops. The stages has been fantastically named like Candy Land, ice Cream Land and Chocolate land. The stages also have different names like Candy cane, mint magic, Blue lemon and Blue loops. I loved the game play which seems to be get exciting with levels and stages.

The control is simple you either tap on screen to apply brakes or decelerate the car down through a hill. But you need to apply exactly the required brake else it will not go up the next hill. This takes a lot of time to master and you will need to play it few times to get accustomed to controls.

Candy Racer for Android– Pros and Cons:


  • Very challenging and as level goes up you will need more control and accuracy
  • A great time expender when you are not working and want to enjoy
  • Puzzle like Brain exercise


  • The game is very hard at some of the levels, you will need a pin point accuracy to go ahead.
  • After some time either you get bored or you feel like a child game [ It happens with most of the games]

Candy racer has 2 versions available in the Play store. The Free one has 1 World with 10 Tracks. Once you cross it and get tempted you can go for the full version which is available for $0.99. The full version has 2 new Worlds and 30 Levels. I think that developer “Matthias Lange” has already made it clear with his words “It’s easy to play but hard to win”. Candy Race is a charmer for kids and I have seen them getting interested and playing it for hours.

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