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Bluetooth 5 to Be Launched on June 16th

Bluetooth 5 to Be Launched on June 16th

The new wireless standards are going to give a new direction to the smartphone industry as Bluetooth 5 is going to be launched on June 16th this year. Bluetooth SIG Executive recently made the official announcement and the experts are now eager to see how the new edition of Bluetooth is going to change the connectivity world. Company is going to organize a special event for the same which will be held in London on the same date.

Bluetooth SIG Executive Mr. Mark Powell announced that the new Bluetooth edition will not only have 4 x speeds but transmission range is also going to be extended this time. The official name will be Bluetooth 5. Company said that they do not want to complicate things for the users. Bluetooth 5 sounds simpler than any other forms. Company told that some users may not get the things clearly if it is named as Bluetooth 5.0 or something similar to it. Many industry experts are saying that the increase in transmission range is the thing to check it. It will be almost double to the current edition which most of the people will definitely like. Another useful thing about the new Bluetooth is the ability to utilize big “advertising packets”. This packet will allow users to send the information to other devices smoothly. It is not necessary to pair those devices together to send the information. Now you will not face any trouble to pair the smartphone with a Bluetooth device as the name of that device will be visible.

Specialists are saying that Bluetooth audio is going to be improved significantly this time. Bandwidth transfer capabilities are going to be better than the current edition. Therefore users will feel the difference between Bluetooth 4.0 and Bluetooth 5. Currently it is not clear if the current hardware will be compatible with Bluetooth 5 or not. However the chances are very less. There is no official announcement for the same so far. New hardware parts are expected to arrive soon as soon as Bluetooth 5 comes into the market. We may see a lot of changes next year in smartphone world also. So Bluetooth 5 will further improve the technology. Current edition of Bluetooth is not bad but if a user is getting a better alternative then he will surely like to go for it. Don’t you think?

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