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Apple Not Signing iOS9.3.1 Now

Apple Not Signing iOS9.3.1 Now

We have seen that Apple has changed it strategies a lot in past few months. Now it is not easy to get the jailbreak version of iOS as Apple is dealing with the situation in a new way. The current step is a glimpse of this new strategy of Apple. Now Apple has stopped signing for iOS 9.3.1 and it clearly means that if you are looking to downgrade the operating system then it is not possible. Apple has now its unique way to offer the new operating system and the main aim is to keep those people away who are looking to take undue advantages by different means. It is also useful for the user because their gadgets can stay safe under diverse conditions.

You may remember that iOS9.3.2 was released last month. Now after almost one month Apple stopped signing iOS9.3.1. Therefore if you are looking to upgrade the OS, the only option is iOS9.3.2. Currently it is the only option available till Apple brings the next edition of their operating system. The same procedure will be followed in every Apple gadget. So if you are using iPhone, iPod Touch or a particular iPad model then the only option is iOS 9.3.2 at present.

This is the first time that Apple took such a long time to stop signing an iOS version after releasing the next edition. We just discussed that Apple has changed their strategies in iOS section now as they now offer just the newest edition. However this time some iPad users face issue with iOS9.3.2. This is among the prime reasons for which company was still signing iOS9.3.1 so that people can downgrade their OS if iOS9.3.2 version does not work properly.  Later on company brought the solution for the same and now they have decided not to sign iOS9.3.1.

Apple does not want to keep the old versions active if the new version is available. They do not feel any requirement for the same. The availability of old version does not offer any proper solution to the users. You may already know that no jailbreak is available so far. Therefore it is now very clear that the strategies of company are working and it is valuable for a lot of users. So upgrade to iOS9.3.2 if you are looking to keep the device safe. We still have to wait for the jailbreak community to know if they have any special plans for iOS 9.3.2 because 9.3.3 edition may not take much time to arrive into the market.

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