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Apple to Bring Many New Changes in App Store

Apple to Bring Many New Changes in App Store

Apple is well-aware of the changing market conditions. They know what to bring into the market as per the requirement of their customers. It is among the prime reasons they do not hesitate to show new things to the market as early as possible. We know that WWDC is going to start within next few days. Therefore company didn’t waste their time to announce many new changes in App Store. These new changes may help the company to know more about these modifications once they meet with different industry experts.

Mr. Phil Schiller who is the head of Apple’s Worldwide Marketing team discussed in length about these changes. He told how App Store will function in future. This clearly gives an idea how much it is going to change in coming times. The search functions will give better outcome now and users will get new payment alternatives. There were some complaints before that many functions in App Store are not working appropriately. Developers have face issues while showing their apps. This is undoubtedly frustrating for them. Additionally users were also not able to get the required results. However all these things will become the part of history now and it will be the new beginning by the company in this sector. It will certainly bring a big relief to developers and people will get better outcome.

The new revenue system is also going to be the part of this change. App publishers will now be able to provide monthly or yearly subscriptions. Now it will not be just one-time price for downloading the app. The system of in-app purchases will also not going to be the part of the new system as monthly or yearly subscription will provide more opportunities. This will also make the whole process simple for the users. Search Ads will now be the part of this new change which will give chance to developers to show their apps more easily than before. It is certainly a welcome change for developers. Moreover most of the users will also find it convenient now. These new changes may take two more months to come into effect. This is certainly a good start by the company. The whole system will be convenient. Apple may announce new models in September. Therefore users will now access App Store in a fresh way on those upcoming models.

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