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Apple Inc is selling a mere 10,000 watches a day on some days

Apple, Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) was too much hopeful of its recent smartwatch ‘Watch’ launch to the market. Although it has managed to sell millions of Apple Watch wearables in the first week of sales, the company has failed to maintain the speed and the sales have slumped day by day. Now, according to a new analysis provided to Marketwatch, Apple Watch sales have dropped by 90 percent since the week the device gets launched to the market.apple-watch-sales-chart

According to the report by Slice intelligence, a market analysis firm, Despite the first week surge in sales, Apple Inc was selling around 20,000 smartwatches per day. This has happened since the beginning of May 2015. The research report also claims that the company has been selling fewer than 10,000 units on some days. Apple sold over 1.5 million Apple Watch gadgets in April month, since its launch on April 10 – that averages around 200,000 watches a day.

The report also claims that over 65 percent of the watches sold so far are the entry-level Apple Watch Sport model, and the company has only sold 2000 gold Apple Watch Edition units (priced at $10,000 or more) in the US, approximately. If the report proved to be true, it’s a big blow to the tech giant.

Apple to officially reveal the Apple Watch sales data during its FY15 Q3 Results – the conference call is held on Tuesday, July 21.

Though every new product faces a tumble after its initial surge in the market, Apple has to quickly come up with a new business strategy related to Apple Watch. Meanwhile, the sales report will affect the share price of Apple, Inc. in coming days. What’s your view on this?

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