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MacBook Pro 2016 Can Have OLED Touchbar

MacBook Pro 2016 Can Have OLED Touchbar

Apple is now getting ready to update their MacBook Pro series. Apple MacBook Pro 2016 is the upcoming model and some rumours are suggesting that company is looking to include OLED Touchbar here. There are some leaked online images and they are giving a clear hint that Apple is planning to launch this model with OLED Touchbar.

Most of the specialists are convinced that these images certainly belong to MacBook Pro 2016. They have been captured at one of the partner from one of the manufacturing centres of Apple located in China. Moreover some reports are also saying that the next MacBook Pro can have four USB-C Type connectors. So it is not tough to understand how useful it can be for the users in coming times. The location of this OLED Touchbar appears to be interesting because the upcoming model may not have the usual function keys. It can be placed just above the keyboard. Therefore if you are looking to include some shortcuts to complete different tasks then it will be very smooth. Moreover if you require some apps frequently then you can access it with the help of some other specific short cuts. Therefore the model is going to be valuable to save your precious time.

The sources through which these images have surfaced are highly reliable. They have a proven track record to show the right details before the release. The upcoming MacBook Pro model may not have HDMI port and it is going to be lighter than the current model. One of the best things about this new OLED touchbar will be its flexibility. It will work not only as a replacement of function keys but it will also assist the user to check different other functions. It will be utilized for display notifications and it may work as a substitute for OS X’s dock which is will be highly functional. It will also offer many other possibilities.

This upcoming model may have some other special arrangements to protect the display from scratches. Headphone jack is expected to be available on the right hand side. The model may not have DVD Drive. There is no official release date about the model. However many people are saying that it may be launched with iPhone 7. People may see this model in WWDC. Therefore June 13th can be the date when people may see MacBook Pro 2016 for the first time.

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