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Samsung May Skip Galaxy Note 6 to Bring Note 7

Samsung May Skip Galaxy Note 6 to Bring Note 7

Samsung generally likes bringing the next edition of ‘Note’ in third quarter of every year. This year it seems that the gadget is expected to arrive in August and speculations are already high around this model. A lot of talks are going on related to the specifications of this model. However one thing looks very interesting to note about next ‘Note’. This time the name of the gadget has also become the talk of the town as Samsung may bring something unusual this year.

Some reports are giving a clue that Samsung may entirely slip the name ‘Galaxy Note 6’ this time. They may name the device as ‘Samsung Galaxy Note 7’ and it is creating curiosity among the masses. Some specialists are also saying that it may be called as ‘Samsung Galaxy Note X’. Now another interesting thing is that the gadget can either have iris scanner or retina. It has not been confirmed officially but some reports are suggesting the same about it which many people will definitely like to check.

Samsung is planning to bring ‘Note 7’ and if this happens then it is going to be first time when makers will skip the generational number in ‘phablet’ history. Different specialists are giving their own views for the same. Some are saying that Samsung is not interesting to bring ‘Note’ model with number ‘6’. There are some marketing reasons because Samsung is looking to compete directly with the next iPhone model. The next iPhone model may be called as ‘iPhone 7’. Therefore they are looking to bring ‘Galaxy Note 7’ instead of ‘Note 6’.

There is one more reason due to which Samsung is planning to name it as ‘Note 7’. Company already brought ‘Galaxy S7’ range. Therefore they may want to keep the same digit for their premium models now. Premium model with ‘6’ as their prime digit may sound old as ‘S’ series model with ‘7’ is already there. The name ‘Note 6’ may look unusual in front of ‘S7’. There are some other companies also who skipped a particular series. Remember Windows 10 case? People were thinking that Microsoft may bring Windows 9 but company chose to surprise the market and they skipped the digit ‘9’ here and brought ‘Windows 10’. BlackBerry is also a name here when they brought BlackBerry 10 directly from BlackBerry 7. Eagerly waiting for next ‘Note’? You may get another surprise because this time Samsung may bring it with just dual-edge display. Isn’t it exciting? What do you think?

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