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ASUS Zenbook 3: Is it Like MacBook?

ASUS Zenbook 3: Is it Like MacBook?

This year ASUS is bringing a lot of new products. Yesterday we discussed about ASUS Zenfone 3 and now they recently brought ASUS Zenbook 3. The makers are not hesitating to compete directly with MacBook which is a little surprising for the industry. ASUS launched their new ultra portable machine which is capable of providing many features similar to MacBook. Moreover the appearance will also remind you about the Apple gadget and many users will definitely going to praise it.

ASUS launched their new Zenbook 3 a few hours ago and they provided the details how their machine is better than MacBook. Company brought the machine at Computex in Taipei where they explained how ASUS Zenbook 3 is lighter as well as more influential than MacBook. This new laptop has 12.5 inch screen. It is well-protected with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection. The display resolutions of the laptop are 1920*1080 pixels. It has Aluminium body and the weight is just 910 grams. Thickness is 11.9 mm. The viewing angle is 178-degree which is appearing excellent. One point will be interesting to see how ASUS is going to compete with Retina Display of Apple. So far they haven’t said anything about it.

Processor of the gadget is one of the strongest points of this machine. It does not have Core M but Standard core mobile chip. You may find that the high end Intel Core i5/i7 is appearing better than some other alternatives. Company has tried new things here by including the processor which most of the companies are not using at present. We can say that the overall performance is not lagging behind in comparison to anyone. Although it has made the device thin but still we have to check how they have tackled the heating issue. Currently experts are saying that users will not face any overheating problems.

Battery is one of the most vital sections to check before purchasing a laptop. ASUS is saying that Zenbook 3 can work up to 9 hours. It is good enough for most of the users. These days a lot of people require USB Type C Port. This laptop has just a single USB Type C Port. Therefore do not forget to keep this point on your mind before finalizing this model. Overall the design is elegant. Company will provide this laptop in three colours. These are Royal Blue and Quartez Grey along with Rose Gold. The price of the device will start from $999 only.

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