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Voice Infos – Listen to YOUR Information! – Text to speech Android app

Voice Infos – Listen to YOUR Information – Text to speech Android app

Voice Infos reads out your personalized information. Voice Infos helps in your busy schedule,like when you are busy with your work or driving or you have to rush to office and you don’t have time to read the newspaper or through any other apps on your android device so that you may get related information, and at that point of time you would need this app Voice Infos. Voice Infos lets you to customize as per your personal needs. Like you can select your desired news sources or you may also import your newsfeeds from Google Reader. Voice Infos also provide you with to adjust the weather on your current location; you can also create a greeting text and much more to do with this app.

Voice Infos reads out the following personalized information which we are going to discuss below:

  • Your Missed calls
  • Your Unread SMS
  •  Mails
  •  Google Calendar
  •  News
  •  Weather
  •  Facebook Wall
  •  Twitter – Entry (Tweets)
  •  Stocks
  •  Traffic reports for German motorways.

Voice Infos not only just reads out your information but it also shows your information on a clear and compact list, and so there is no need of starting several apps to get the important information. Voice Infos packs all the solution of your problem which saves your important time by daily reading your information.

Voice infos also pack several other functions, like a widget which shows your information directly and compactly on the home screen of your device. There is one more feature,an alarm clock which will read your information early in the morning as you wake up.

Voice Infos is a very nice and utility based app which will save your precious time in a very affordable price. You can get Voice Infos at 1,99 USD(Rs 134.61) from Google Play. This is the one app you must have in your Android device and be assured that you will save much of your time. So don’t just wait grab this app today for your device and get benefited.

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