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Direct Opinion Android app Review – create free online survey

Direct Opinion Android app

Direct Opinion is a free Android device application which will allow you create freely your own online surveys with no restriction on topics or on targets. You can publish your surveys, share them, access to their simplified or detailed results (with multiple crossed demographic criteria) and monetize them. It also gives you the option to browse and search the surveys published by the whole Direct Opinion users community and take part in them.

You can set your own target lists based on Direct Opinion user’s community and survey’s results. Direct Opinion targets are far more multispectral, relevant, updated and unbiased than the ones working for big polling organizations or survey agencies, because they are composed of everyone in the public with no exception. You can also involve everyone in a survey. Simplified results are given free of charge provided the author of the related survey has not restricted their access.


It will provide you global detailed result offering comprehensive statistical data’s and graphs that you can thereafter cross with multiple demographic criteria and can be accessed after a credit card payment made via secured payment interface (provided the author of the related survey has not restricted their access). Once you have made your payment successfully you can download a PDF containing and presenting the detailed results. For each paid access to detailed results of a specific survey, every possible crossing of demographic criteria can be done by you and be downloaded in PDF, with no additional cost. In every step, you can add a new target list from the current results. Any author of a survey may have free access to the related detailed result.

Using Direct Opinion can also be a good way to earn money as every time the user pays to access the detailed results of one of your surveys, it will generate a $0.50 commission in your favor. Commissions which you have generated are calculated in real time and you can withdraw them any time once they reach a minimum of $20. It takes a few days to process the payment, but this app is very useful and very simple to use. The more popular your surveys are, the more money you can make.

Direct Opinion app for Android is a useful and nice app; Direct Opinion app is young app as it was recently launched many of the advance function are not been added yet but no doubt is there that apps will be more modified and will be having more features.

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