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Google IO 2016: Valuable upcoming Products

Google IO 2016 Valuable upcoming Products

Google IO 2016 is one of the biggest technological events of the industry. This is platform where we see the upcoming products of Google as they bring it into the market with the help of thousands of developers across the globe. Last time we discussed some products with you. Here we are providing the details of some more products which will be ready very soon to bring many new changes in upcoming times.

Google Home: – Have you seen Amazon Echo? Google is now getting ready to offer a new product which will be ahead of its competitors. This is a new smart speaker which you would be able to use with the help of ‘Google Assistant’. This will help you to organize all your schedules in an appropriate manner. Therefore overall it is a tool to manage professional and personal lives more easily. You can operate this gadget with the help of voice commands. So you need not have to organize different things by your own. So far the price is not clear and the gadget is expected to arrive by the end of this year.

Firebase: – This is another exciting announcement by Google for a number of professionals and some other users. It is a service which will help you to manage realtime databases, hosting and many more. You can also manage functions like user authentication as the platform got a major update. One of the best things about it is that you can utilize the functions in different platforms. If you are an iOS user or looking to check it through mobile web development then you can certainly do it.

Duo: – This platform will be available for those who are looking for a simple one-to-one video calling characteristics. You can use it in Allo. Therefore it will be the video companion of the upcoming messaging platform. You would be able to check who is calling you. Duo will be released by the company for Android as well as iOS. Most probably it will arrive by the end of this year.

DayDream: – This is the upcoming VR platform which is expected to arrive within next few months. It will be based on Android N where you would be able to utilize different apps without any difficulty. Play your favourite games and movies and use Google Play Store to check different contents.

Android N: – This is the next operating system by Google. The name of this OS is still not clear but it will provide a number of new functions to the device. New emojis, quick setting buttons and many other new functions will be available which will give you a fresh experience to use the gadgets. There will be split-screen multi-tasking facility also. So you will get loads of new features through this upcoming operating system.

Moreover Android Wear 2.0 is also announced by the makers. Although it is not going to be very different from first edition yet it will give fresh experience to the users.

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