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HP EliteBook 1030: Premium Model with Huge Battery Power

HP EliteBook 1030 Premium Model with Huge Battery Power

These days HP is regularly focussing on their premium section. One of their recent models is HP EliteBook 1030 which is naturally appearing in between their 1020 and 1040 model. It is a business notebook with sophisticated design and the model has its own class like its predecessors. The price tag of $1249 is certain heftier than others but you may not get the quality like this model anywhere. Here we are talking about the specifications of this model to give you a better idea about it.

HP EliteBook 1030 has 13.3 inch screen and it has edge-to-edge Gorilla Glass Display. It has full HD Screen and the resolutions are 3200*1800 pixels here. This machine has 512GB SSD and the system memory is 16GB. Experts are calling it a silent machine as it does not have any kind of fan to create noise. The ultra-smooth keyboard looks classy and large touchpad with all-metal chassis are undoubtedly superb in this category. The model is for business class who require premium security features every time. If you are looking for a powerful business class model then HP EliteBook 1030 is one of the best choices. It is a reliable model with fingerprint reader feature. Company has included its own data protection features here. Therefore you need not have to worry about the data you like storing on these machines.

Battery power is one of the sections where it is proving to be the best. HP has claimed that it can give up to 13 hours of battery life. So it is undeniably big. Speakers are also very good. This new HP laptop has 1.1 GHz sixth generation Intel Core M processor. Some other useful parts are USB Type-C port, Bluetooth 4.2 and WLAN 802.11 ac. This laptop has Wi-Di facility. Therefore wireless characteristics are going to make the machine more functional than other options. This year HP has unveiled a number of models till date. They have now decided to move aggressively to capture the market. They know that other competitors like Dell will never like to stay behind. Therefore they are trying the best to offer the finest experience to their customers. HP EliteBook 1030 is expected to arrive worldwide by the end of this month. You can trust this laptop if you are looking for a premium category model. The high-quality photo editing and some other responsive features are the things to check here.

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