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Amazon Fire TV Now Loaded with New Alexa Features

Amazon Fire TV Now Loaded with New Alexa Features

Amazon has added Alexa features to Fire TV last year in September. They have improved a lot now and the performance is now much better than before. They are now further extending the capabilities of Alexa features as the gadget is now loaded with new voice-activated features. So the set-top box is now ready to offer new characteristics to the users.

Company has now planned to offer high-quality contents to the users here. Now you can launch many new shows and apps here. You can also check local show timings which is certainly very convenient for many people. Moreover search for the local restaurants and other businesses as per your requirement.  So new television controls as well as latest app launching capabilities make the gizmo supportive. A number of users are going to be benefitted with it as a single place can become a source of different kinds of information. One of the unique features is that you can ask Alexa to read the Kindle edition. Therefore we can see how many different functions are making the model beneficial.

These Alexa features will be available for all the edition of Fire TV. You can use it in different Fire TV models without any difficulty. The edition has complete 4K library of YouTube app. So if you are looking to access the YouTube data then it will be very easy. This 4K YouTube support is also one of the best alternatives to check the favourite videos. This is a new move by Amazon here as they are offering this support for the first time. It will be interesting to see how Amazon Fire TV is going to compete with other similar models into the market. You may already now that Apple TV and some other brands are offering similar features. It is among the prime reasons Amazon has included different kinds of contents here. It will help them to grow their market.

If you are among those who are looking for this type of gizmo then Amazon Fire TV can be a nice option.  These new Alexa features have certainly enhanced their position. Experts are saying that purchasing Amazon Fire TV certainly makes sense now. You can get different characteristics here. Moreover 4K support is ready to provide the latest technological tools supportive to access different kinds of data. We will definitely see a number of changes in coming days;

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