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Apple Watch 2: Top Rumours

Apple Watch 2 Top Rumours

A few months ago market was expecting that Apple is planning to bring the next edition of their watch in March, 2016. However it didn’t happen and all their hopes were dashed within no time. Though they brought some other products like innovative bands, iPhone SE and some special offers on other products. But Apple Watch 2 didn’t arrive. However it does not mean that Apple has decided not to bring the new edition. They are indeed planning and according to some reports they may follow the strategy they adopted for iPhone a few years ago.

People close to the industry are saying that Apple is working for the next edition of watch and most probably it may be called as Apple Watch ‘S’. This is similar to iPhone when they brought the ‘S’ edition model. The reports are not official but there are chances that it may be called as Apple Watch ‘S’. If Apple is planning for ‘S’ edition then it is undoubtedly going to be very similar to the current edition. Appearance may be same but specifications may be a little different than the present model.

Experts are claiming that the upcoming edition is going to be much thinner than the present edition. We all know that Apple likes bringing thinner gadgets. You can check the traditions of iPhone and Mac. Therefore most of the specialists are very clear about it. If we say clearly then the current edition of Apple watch is heftier than many other alternatives. So it is almost certain that a thinner edition is on the pipeline. There are chances that the gadget may arrive in September.  This device can have cellular connectivity this time. You would be able to make and receive calls. Moreover message related features, utilization of Apple Pay and notifications are also expected here. You need not require iPhone every time to use these facilities. The gadget may be based on watch OS 2.2.1 this time.

CPU is one of the vital things of any device. The same goes with Apple Watch. The truth is that the current edition of Apple watch does not have an impressive CPU. Company knows it very well and they will definitely like to improve it this time. Battery life is expected to be same like the current edition. So if you are planning to buy this device then do not forget to check those things we discussed here. It will assist you to take the right decision.

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