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Analysis of 2016 MacBook

Analysis of 2016 MacBook

Apple made some significant changes in MacBook last year. They made these changes to increase the popularity of the model which can help them to enhance total sales figure. Company is paying equal attention to MacBook along with iPhone and iPad which is certainly very good for MacBook lovers. You may have noticed that Retina Display was first added to grab the eyeballs in market. They also included a redesigned keyboard which is appearing highly functional for the people. This year company brought a 12 inch MacBook for their customers. The model is good enough for those who are looking for a premium machine in this segment. Here we are analysing 2016 MacBook. It can give you the idea if the product is for you or not.

The first thing which strikes anybody mind is the appearance of MacBook. Now if we want to describe this machine in one word then it has to be ‘beautiful’. The gadget has similarities with MacBook Air but it has its individual style. This model has 12 inch Retina Display and it has Aluminium body. The weight is just two pounds and the thickness of the machine is just 13.1mm. This light machine is like a beast in its segment as it will never let you down with the performance. There is one USB-C port and company has included a headphone jack on the right section.

Apple has decided to offer more alternatives to customers here. This influential and powerful machine is now available in rose gold. Company has included a new kind of trackpad here. Company is calling it Force Touch trackpad. There is a new kind of technology included here due to which it is appearing functional. This MacBook has 1.2 GHz dual-core Intel Core M5 processor. Most of the specialists have the opinion that performance may not be different than last year but battery life is going to be improved with this new processor. Company is saying that you can use 2016 MacBook up to 10 hours with single charge if you are watching films. It can work up to 9 hours if you are using internet. It has OS X 10.12, El captain which is the latest MacBook software. Moreover Split View is going to be highly useful for most of the users. So check this machine if you are looking for a powerful model. It is undoubtedly an excellent machine.

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