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Google Brings Play Store Version 6.7 Update

Google Brings Play Store Version 6.7 Update

Google has decided to bring the new update of Play Store. It will be version 6.7 and it will permit users to join Android app beta comfortably. Currently it is not easy for users to test beta updates of any particular app as they have to take the help of third party resources. Those users who are looking to download the new version of apps should first get the updated Play Store to enjoy the benefits. The new version of Play Store is allowing users to check the Beta version of app without any difficulty. They can check the new edition directly from the play store and they can join if they like. This new edition of Play Store is allowing users to check the app before they actually start using it.

The tech giant is bringing this new edition in phases. Therefore if you haven’t received the update so far then you may receive it in near future. This new edition is helping users to join and leave any beta test program without any difficulty. They can also leave their feedback if they want. Now it is not necessary for anyone to join a particular forum and visit any particular website. This is undoubtedly a welcome move Google. Visit the official page of Google Play Store and check the version of app. If the particular app has a Beta version then you will get the information. It will be very easy for you to join from this section.

There are so many people who constantly look new things on Google Play Store. They do not forget to check the newest version of any particular app as they are looking to test the new things. The latest update is now permitting the users to test new things which are still under development. Overall this development is certainly very useful to improve the experience to check new things. Users can now inform directly to developers what they are looking for. So it is surely one of the best things in this segment. Company started providing the update from May 14th.  Therefore it will take some time to reach every user.

Google I/O conference is about to start now. Here company will definitely discuss the important points to provide more details. Developers are eager to check this segment. This new option will provide them a chance to bring the best product into the market.

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