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Newest iOS Update by Apple Giving Issues to iPad Pro Owners

Newest iOS Update by Apple Giving Issues to iPad Pro Owners

Apple brings software update for their customers. However it is surprising that most of the time they bring the update with hiccups. It seems that fruit company is setting a unique trend to never bring an update without any trouble. They did it before many times and they continued with their style this time also.

Apple just brought the newer version of iOS three days ago. They brought iOS9.3.2 to update mobile operating system so that they can fix some bugs. However now a number of specialists are claiming that the new update has its own bugs and iPad Pro owners are going to be affected with it. Many users are discussing their points through a number of online forums. They claim that the new update has bricked their iPad Pro tablet. It simply means that device does not start after updating the software. The screen locks very soon and it becomes impossible to restart the device.

One thing is very common for iPad Pro owners here. They are getting an “Error 56” message here. Users are getting a message that they have to plug the device into iTunes. Most of the people try plugging the device here but they are not getting any further information. It is important to mention here that not all users are getting this message. However many people are getting this error and currently it is not clear when people will start receiving the solution.

There is no doubt that Apple prefers doing a lot of tests before finalizing the software. However it is still not known why they always face issue after they bring the software into the market. Everyone is aware of Apple’s capability to bring high-quality products. But these kinds of glitches are proving to be a dent on their image. Company is advising to contact Apple Support but people are not getting any genuine solution. Many people are discussing all the related points on public forums. Apple is saying that they are checking into the matter and most probably the solution will be available very soon. Next month Apple may bring iOS 10 but these kinds of fault may raise a number of eyebrows prior to its release. There is no doubt that many people will now start doubting the upcoming iOS. They may like thinking twice before updating the software this time.

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