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Pegatron and Foxconn Hiring More People: New iPhone May Release Soon

Pegatron and Foxconn Hiring More People New iPhone May Release Soon

There is no doubt that most of the iPhone users are very eager to check the next model every time. They are eager to know when the model is going to arrive as they look to purchase the gadget as early as possible. Here is information for all those Apple fans. Foxconn and Pegatron are the two major assembly partners of Cupertino based company. Some reports are arriving that the upcoming iPhone is expected to be more ‘complex’. Moreover company is planning to start the production ‘early’. Therefore both these partners are hiring more people so that the production can be started soon.

The name of upcoming iPhone which may be called as ‘iPhone 7’ can have some additional features. These features are expected to be ‘complex’ in comparison to the current model. Therefore company needs extra specialists to solve all the related issues. People are saying that appropriate co-ordination of teams is more important this time as the functions and designs may be a little different this year. These assembly partners are not interested to do compromise in any case. This will help them to meet the target on time.

Both the companies are looking for an extended time to provide the necessary training to all the related staff members. People close to the industry are saying that the design is expected to be ‘different’ this time.  Therefore some special training sessions are required to inform everything about the product. Currently it is not clear how the next model is going to be different from iPhone6S. Some rumours have suggested that antenna bands can be repositioned this time. Moreover the gadget may not have headphone jack this time. People are saying that Apple is planning to offer a waterproof gadget. Therefore it may be the prime reason due to which partners have decided to hire more people to meet the production related demands.

There are also reports that Apple is hiring wireless charging experts. Recently they hired two experts who belong to this field. The chances are less that company may launch a wireless charging product this year. However we cannot deny with the possibility that company is looking to exclude wired charging from 2016 onwards as they are working on this segment from last two years. You may be able to roam anywhere in your room and keep the phone charging without any wire. So it can be a new kind of technology for the users.

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