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Useful Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS Users

Useful Jailbreak Tweaks for iOS Users

The second quarter of 2016 is going on now. It is the time when next iPhone related rumours start rolling out into the market. People are eager to see what Apple is going to offer with their new gadget. This is certainly exciting because most of the time Apple brings something new to their gadget. It makes the product more exciting than before. The second which appears to be highly interesting is the Jailbreak Tweaks. These tweaks add more power to the device. A dependable source can give you some good options here which can be highly functional to the device. Here we are talking about some new jailbreak tweaks. They can help you to add more functions to the device which can be useful for you at times.

CallRecorder: – The functions of this tweak are exactly according to the name. If you are more interested to record the calls then CallRecorder can be very useful for you. It can record the calls in the form of MP3 files. Later on you can easily play whenever you require. Therefore we can easily understand how beneficial it can be for many users.

PersonalAssistant: – This is another practical tweak which many people say is a combination of different tweaks. You can easily get different information at lock screen as per the requirement. Many times you may notice that this tweak works in a way that official iOS handle is not able to offer all these functions. The price of this tweak is $4.99 only but it can be very beneficial for most of the people.

Brevis: – We all know how interesting the 3D Touch technology of Apple is. Don’t you think so? You can get a new method of watching photos. Moreover it also helps to check different apps with ease. Now if you are using Brevis then it will further enhance your overall experience of these functions. This will help you to select the look according to your preference. There are so many aspects of 3D Touch. Brevis will help you to add more functions in this section. You can choose the size of icon, fonts and many other things as per your wish. The price of this tweak is just $1 only.

Flame: – Many people among us utilize Cydia to download different tweaks. However it is also true that all the functions in Cydia are not user-friendly every time. Moreover sometimes the appearance is also not that much pretty as per the expectations. However Flame is the tweak which can assist you to manage all these points efficiently. You can not only export the tweaks but you can also add different sources immediately at your clipboard. Overall the appearance will be nice and you can utilize different functions from a single place.

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