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Canon EOS 1300D: One of the Best Entry-level DSLR Cameras

Canon EOS 1300D One of the Best Entry-level DSLR Cameras

Canon is one of the most dependable brands when we are looking for a high-class camera. A number of manufacturers are now paying attention towards entry-level DSLR cameras as we can see different products under this category. Canon is also expanding its lineup under this segment and they recently brought EOS 1300D for their customers. This is next edition of EOS 1200D and the features show that company has designed the product while keeping all the important needs on their mind. They know what customers expect and they included all those characteristics to make the product useful. This camera is appearing exactly according to the requirements of customers. So we can say that it is a top choice in today’s time.

Canon EOS 1300D is the best entry level DSLR camera at present. The design of this product is sleek and it looks very light. There are no huge sensors. It is the reason we can carry it with ease anywhere. Company has used Carbon fibre polycarbonate to build the body of the camera and it is looking very solid. This model has Digic4+ processor and it has excellent connectivity features like Wi-Fi and NFC. Makers have included an 18MP APS-C CMOS sensor and it has 3-inch LCD screen which can give sharp display every time.

This entry-level camera has a new image processor and it can capture good images even under low lights. There is also a special remote shooting feature which can work with the help of Canon CameraConnect app. Therefore you will not face any issue to capture high-quality images through your smart device. These images on EOS 1300D can give excellent performance every time. This model can easily record 1080p videos and it has a 9-point autofocus system. The power of FullHD 30fps video may not appear good in comparison to other alternatives like Nikon. However still it is capable of delivering satisfactory performance. The 920k TFT-LCD is good at this range. Most of the users are satisfied with the colours and sharpness of this model. It appears to be a little faster than its predecessor. Therefore the model can capture great pictures under different conditions without any difficulty. Therefore if you like using entry-level DSLR cameras then Canon EOS 1300D can be a good option. Check this model before you purchase any other camera. Price of the model is around $450 only.

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