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Best 3 great DJ apps for iPhone

The iTunes Store on your beloved iPhone smartphone is filled with excellent apps, so you can get so much more out of your handheld device. Many of these brilliant programs are great for budding DJs who are looking to hone their skills outside of a gig. Take a look at these three apps and then become a genius on the decks.


Crossfader (Free):


You can now use your iPhone to mix songs and add sound effects to a beat just like a DJ would on their decks with Crossfader. A free app for the popular Apple smartphone range created by web company DJZ, the tagline of the program is simply “if you can move, you can mix”. This is because users can mix tracks to create a whole new tune just be moving their bodies to the beat and tilting their iPhone in motion. Of course, anyone with only an inkling of knowledge about the DJ industry will know that a crossfader is the part of a mixing board on a set of decks that allows DJs to complete a smooth switch between two songs which are playing at once, so the app effectively provides you a great starting block to pursuing a career in DJing.


DJ Rig:


Styled to look like your iPhone’s touchscreen has been turned into a comprehensive turntable with mixer, DJ Rig is a double-deck mixing app which is great for amateurs and those experienced in the DJ industry alike. Created by IK Multimedia, professionals will feel as though they are playing the latest tunes to a packed crowd when they get to grips with the app’s 3 crossfade curve, the 4 visual cue points and a fantastic X-Sync feature. On top of this, the app allows for instant song-playing from your iPhone’s very own music library to add a personal touch to proceedings.


Touch OSC:

An app that can work seamlessly between your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, the Touch OSC suite from Hexlerhas left no stone unturned to give you a fantastic DJ experience across the entire Apple family. On the face of it, the program is a modular OSC and MIDI control surface, however, it does make use of a smartphone’s internet capabilities to great effect. As such, you can send and receive Open Sound Control messages via an iPhone’s Wi-Fi network or tap into the app’s CoreMIDI and Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer interfaces in order to swap MIDI messages between yourself and other professional DJs.

Take your DJ skills into the real world 

If you are excited for more after trying out these three superb apps, why not attempt mixing tracks and scratching decks for real? A traditional DJ setup, consisting of two turntables and a mixer, is a great way to learn the basics, while investing in a collection of DJ gear – such as the fantastic selection of equipment on offer at Gears4DJs for affordable prices – can help you to create an amazing set.

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