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Tips to speed up your computer for gaming

Tips to speed up your computer for gaming

How to speed up your computer for gaming for free is something every gamer should know. Gaming on computers can take a lot out of your system, causing it to be slow, or lag.

No one likes to lag, but no one likes to spend a lot of money on expensive new hardware, either. Therefore, knowing how to speed up your computer for gaming using free techniques is the way to go.

For gamers on a budget or who just can’t afford to replace anything, there are a few ways you can easily speed up your computer.

Download Gamebooster for free

Gamebooster is a free download program by Razer that offers optimum gaming speed for any PC. It works by optimizing whatever game you’re currently playing, letting everything else run a little slower in the background to speed up the game.

It also cleans and configures your computer so that you don’t have any unnecessary memory clogging up your hard drive. It sets up a desktop icon for you to click, and it launches whatever game you want to play for you.

With one click, you can get the ultimate gaming speed that you’ve been wanting.

Free Up Memory – Speed Up Your PC

Don’t have any applications or programs start up as soon as you turn on your computer – it actually slows everything down. By disabling all startup items you improve your gaming speed and performance.

By also clearing Internet history, the recycling bin, and any other useless trash that clogs up your memory, you enable your computer to look at and optimize the tasks in front of it – such as your game. Also, limit applications on your home screen.

How to speed up your computer for gaming by changing your graphic driver settings

Your graphic driver enables you to play games. So, by tweaking the settings within the graphic driver, you enable a higher speed for your PC not only for gaming, but overall.

Go to your graphic driver control panel and look under the group of settings labeled “3D gaming.” You can change a number of options here. Disabling or lowering some of the settings will almost always increase your gaming performance.

A number of settings you need to keep in mind are texture filtering, Vertical Sync, antialiasing (or AA), ambient occlusion, tessellation, and much more. Each of these settings do different things to the quality and performance for your game.

For example, Vertical Sync, or V-Sync, should be disabled unless your game requires it in order to prevent screen-tearing artifacts. Texture filtering sharpens or cleans up mapped textures.

Update Graphic Drivers

You can update your graphic driver for free online instead of having to buy a better one. Just like updates for your computers, certain companies offer free updates for specific types of graphic drivers.

Find out what kind of graphic driver you have and Google the best update websites to use, because they’re all different. By updating your graphic driver you get the current and better settings available for it, enhancing your gaming speed tremendously.

Graphic drivers are expensive, just like any new hardware. Instead of having to buy or replace your old, worn out drivers and other hardware, just remember to follow the steps above.

In fact, using some of these steps might even increase your computer speed and speed while gaming even more than it would to buy a whole new graphic driver. These are just a few tips on how to speed up your computer for gaming for free. Keep coming back for more tips that are to be published in the near future.

Share your thoughts in the comments, if these tips did help you out to speed up your PC.

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