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Whatsapp Brings Desktop Edition for Windows and Mac

Whatsapp Brings Desktop Edition for Windows and Mac

A few days ago we were discussing that Whatsapp is planning to bring the desktop edition into the marketplace. It is official now as Whatsapp brought the desktop edition for Windows and Mac. This messaging platform is among the biggest and now you need not have to depend on your smartphone alone to access its feature. Whatsapp brought the edition a few hours ago for Windows and Mac computers. It is certainly exciting for a number of users.

The features of desktop edition are appearing very similar to smartphone edition. You can not only send text messages but photos also. The platform is allowing you to share files and other data with your friends and family members. So now you can access all these things from your computer which is going to be functional for a number of users. You can check live notification which is one of the most important features of the platform. The messaging platform is now available for desktops. This was the only medium left before and now the edition is available for almost all the platforms.

Whatsapp is already available for Android, iOS, Windows Phone and web browsers. Now company is offering it for computers which may make Whatsapp more popular than before. This is certainly a big threat for other messaging platform. Skype is expected to be the first which may get affected with this development. A number of other famous platforms may have to do something special to stay in the market. The desktop edition is now available as an app which is not dependent on mobile edition.

The installation of this platform on your desktop is very easy. You can simply open the app and use QR Code for the edition. Scan it through the smartphone to get all the details on the desktop. Check Whatsapp web menu which is present under ‘settings’. The minimum requirement is Windows 8 or Mac OS 10.9 if you are looking to use it on the desktop. This new edition is certainly looking very impressive. There is no doubt that Whatsapp will regularly bring updates in this section also. Experts are saying that users would be able to make video calls very soon. There will be group invites and NFC features which will be very useful in coming times. So check this desktop edition. It will not disappoint you with its performance.

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