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Snapchat Overtakes Twitter in The USA

Snapchat Overtakes Twitter in The USA

The popularity of Snapchat is increasing around the world with each passing day. Don’t believe it? Here is a proof. Snapchat now overtakes Twitter in The USA. The total installs of Snapchat is now more than Twitter at present. A new research shows that more and more people are now inclined towards Sanpchat as they find the features more interesting. This is the first time when Snapchat has beaten a big social networking platform like Twitter.

Snapchat was installed on 22.7 percent US Android devices whereas Twitter was present on 21.8 percent gadgets. This is certainly exciting for a number of Snapchat users. They may find many new companions this year. Twitter has not reacted so far but there is no doubt that Snapchat is now getting ready to compete with other social networking giants also. Experts are saying that Snapchat may bring some new functions soon. Many people may find these functions useful and we cannot deny that it may challenge Facebook in future.

We are the part of era where data exchange through smartphone is increasing continuously. Many Snapchat users are finding the characteristics of Snapchat better than Twitter. Moreover Snapchat is appearing more interesting than Twitter due to which people are shifting towards a new social networking platform. The latest research shows that Facebook, Messenger and Instagram are leading the market. However the growth of Snapchat is surprising for many people. Twitter is almost steady like before.

One more interesting fact is that more people are spending time on Snapchat in comparison to Twitter these days. Data shows that the average time spent per user is 20 minutes 20 seconds per day. However it is just 12 minutes 21 seconds on Twitter. Facebook is clearly way ahead of others as the average time is 46 minutes and 20 seconds. Snapchat told that they have more than 100 million daily active users on their platform. They are frequently exchanging videos as the total count of video is more than 10 billion per day. They further told that most of the users are creating new videos regularly as 60 percent active users are sharing the data. Records show that more than 41% people who belong to age group of 18 to 34 years are using Snapchat. It gives a clear indication that Snapchat is the future of social networking platform. We may see the exponential growth of Snapchat in coming times.

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