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Now Use Facebook on Apple Watch

Facebook on Apple Watch

Social networking websites have become an integral part of our lives and most of us use it frequently. Records show that almost all of us use these platforms either on PC or on their gadgets. However now we are getting another option which is opening a new way to use this platform. A third party app called Littlebook is allowing users to use their Facebook account on Apple Watch.  Many may consider that using Facebook on Apple Watch may not be a great idea. It is certainly true to some extent. But we can say that it will no harm if we are getting an alternative to use it on Apple Watch also. Isn’t it?

Facebook has not officially brought the edition for Apple Watch. However it seems that this is not going to stop the users to utilize the features. Some developers have worked to bring the features on Apple Watch and they got the success. “Littlebook” is now available on Apple’s App Store if you want to use Facebook on Apple Watch. The price of this app is just $2.99 only. This is the first app which is bringing Facebook on Apple Watch. This app is certainly a sincere effort to expand the usage of Facebook beyond PC and gadgets. The app has its own constraints but it is just the first edition and it does not disappoint most of the users.

“Littlebook” allows the facility of basic browse and it also let you ‘Like’ various things on the platform. You can also interact with other users through posts which is very useful. It has Handoff support if you are looking to transfer to iPhone. One of the best things about the app is that you can also check photos and videos of news feed. You need not have to switch to iPhone if you are looking to save any particular article. You can save the contents if you want to read it in future. Developers are saying that the first edition has many features but still a lot of work is required to be done. You may not find certain functions here. However most of the Apple Watch users will find it exciting as they would be able to read the new posts instantly with ease. The app will get updates in future which will expand its characteristics. You can also use offline mode here to check previous contents.

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