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Google Brings Android Keyboard 5.0

Google Brings Android Keyboard 5.0

We haven’t seen bringing Google any substantial change on keyboard from some time. Now it does not mean that Google is not working in this direction. They are regularly working on it and recently they brought Google Android Keyboard 5.0 for their users. The version is now available for download and experts have the view that it has a lot of exciting features. If you check the latest versions then you will find that a lot of vital improvements have been covered which will make the keyboard highly useful. The latest major change came in June 2015 but now the new edition is looking more beneficial and you will get a lot of beneficial characteristics.

The first major change is theme. You will get a new designing theme which is appearing highly intelligible while using it. The layout has also been changed which is a welcome move. There is a special checkbox in settings section. Here you will find that you can easily type words very comfortably. One of the major changes is the adjustment of height. You can now easily adjust the height of the keyboard as per your requirement. There is also a special one handed mode which will help you to type the text with ease. There will be no holo themes. Therefore you will find it more functional now.

Google has brought a lot of changes here. You can access emojis and numpad more easily. The cloud-based personalized learning now has a new opt-in message. However it is not clear if the related features have been changed or not. The new keyboard is now appearing much better for big screen devices. It can easily shift towards the left or right section from where you can easily type the content. The one-handed mode will assist you to utilize this characteristic without any difficulty. The drag and drop interface is now present here which is supportive to remove a particular word from the dictionary. Swipe gestures are very supportive for the users in this edition. Google just brought Android Keyboard 5.0 and they are offering it phase by phase. There are chances that you may not find the update at present. However you will surely get the update very soon. Specialists are saying that most of the new changes will definitely help a lot of users. There are a number of bug fixes also. Therefore this new edition is definitely appearing much better than the last edition.

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