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Get Ready For a Major Update in Apple Music

Get Ready For a Major Update in Apple Music

There is one section where Apple is facing more competition in comparison to other sections. This section is music. Company faced a tough time to increase their customer base here but it seems they are getting ready to change the equation in coming times. Apple is trying to bring more customers on their base and some latest reports are claiming that Apple is planning to update their music section right from the scratch.

A number of leaked information is claiming that Apple is planning to overhaul Apple Music and they are in process to bring a complete new experience in coming times. There are reports that we may see a fresh avatar of Apple Music next month. There are around 13.5 million subscribers but company knows it very well that the number of not that much encouraging in comparison to other music stores. The designers of this service are working from some months and we may see a lot of changes in coming times.

Some experts are claiming that Apple may also include a number of new features here. There will be a new user-interface whereas the overall design is expected to be simple. Company is planning to utilize their special fonts to bring freshness to the service. There can also be a special section called “Browse” from where you would be able to access different services. There are also reports that users will get extensive support for song lyrics. The new service will incorporate lyrics into Apple Music. Therefore users would be able to check all the details at a single place instead of checking different sources.

A number of sources are indicating that Apple is planning to bring the new edition of Apple Music as a part of iOS10. Therefore we may see a different type of Apple Music this summer. Most probably we may see all the related details in WWDC 2016 event. However the big release is expected only around September. We may first see the Beta edition of iOS 10 soon and there are chances that new Apple Music is going to be the part of it. We all know that Apple brings their new iPhone somewhere in last quarter. Therefore it will not be a surprise if Apple plans to bring this new service with their new iPhone model. We will bring you all the related details as soon as we get the information about it.

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